Gooli Gooli

if you came here by a search on Gooli Gooli, then you are likely a scout. If not, please feel free to browse around and share in the tidbits here.

This site is dedicated to all the members of the scouting fraternity, past and present. We hope to share the positive influences of the scout movement, and bridge the gap between past and present, and between different ethnic groups. A main focus of the Boy Scouts movement (though there are girl scouts nowadays, as well as, or in addition to Girl Guides) was to create an inclusive environment where all cultures can feel comfortable wit each other. To this end, we used to sing each others songs, whether we understood the meaning or not. And there were nonsensical songs that nobody seem to claim ownership of, but that were great fun. Like “Ging Gang Gooli Gooli”, from which this website takes its name.

In addition to the fun and camaraderie, character development was also important. Recall phrases like “On my honour..”, “Don’t return to camp until you have completed your assignment...”, and of course the scouts law. Though, today they are all cynically looked at, they remain a good standard to look up to and to measure with, however much or little we want to follow them.

As we are trying to make it all inclusive, an important part will be the Blog, that all can contribute. With the apology that posts and comments will be moderated, in order to keep it free from unwanted spam.

Visit again soon.